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Founded over a quarter of a century
ago, The Hallgren Company participates in solid expansion, engages in steady growth, and maintains a quality clientele. Our job includes providing goods and services to the architectural & building communities establishing secure life safety solutions. An array of architectural doors, frames, hardware, and specialties constitute the basis of production distributed by The Hallgren Company. Additionally, the company is a manufacturer of architectural millwork. This diversified approach to customer satisfaction through quality products are the company’s mainstay. With vast experience in all types and sizes of construction projects, the company has an esteemed reputation for quality service and performance.
The Hallgren Company goal is to “get the doors, frames and hardware on the job… and right the first time.”
We have experienced significant growth over the years. Starting from a small branch office,
with 3 employees, we have grown to a company with seven offices and over 80 employees and expanding.
... Competitive salary ... Benefits Packages... Profit Sharing ... Personal Growth ...
The Hallgren Company offers a competitive salary and benefits package including medical coverage, 401(k), and profit sharing in addition to professional and personal growth.
Forward Inquiries and Resumes to
The Hallgren Company
The Hallgren Company
5909 63RD Street
Lubbock, TX 79424
EMAIL:[email protected]
The Hallgren Company concentrates in the southwest
with operations in the following locations:

Albuquerque, NM Fort Worth, TX
Las Vegas, NV Lubbock, TX s
Midland, TX Phoenix, AZ
The Hallgren Company International, LTD is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Burlingame, CA


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